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I am in the middle of replacing the impeller, wear-ring, and neoprene seal on my 1994 SeaDoo SP. After much swearing, beating, heating, and impact-gunning - I got the impeller off. Then I had to chisel out the old wear-ring, which was worn through into 2 separate pieces. I started putting in the new wear-ring, that is where I am now.

I put the ring in the freezer (like multiple places said), but that didn't make it slide in any easier. Using a board and rubber-mallet, I've pounded it all but 3/4" into place. Is there any easier way to get this thing to go in? The whole pump is back in the freezer now.

The other question - the chewed impeller I removed was not OEM. It was a scat-track and is different than the OEM SeaDoo impeller I have to put into it. The 3 'fins' on the impeller are longer than the ones on the OEM (both 140mm diameter width, the blade has more srface area is what I guess I'm trying to say). What difference does this make? From my guess, the scat-track impeller that was on the craft was designed for higher speeds? Doesn't matter though, it's pretty beat-up and a new OEM will be better than that one. Maybe I'll have it repaired if it will be better? I guess that's the question - should I repair and use that one?

EDIT: I answered my first question myself. After putting the whole pump into the freezer for several hours, the wear-ring moved into place with a little tap from a hammer & a 2x4. I think I didn't let it stay in the freezer long enough to 'shrink' the first time.
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