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I just purchased a 1996 750 zxi for $1250. THe ski is immaculate and shows almost no hours at all. The guy had it out of his garage twice in the last 10 or so years! My first question is, i am 150 lbs and the top speed i got was about 45. That seems a bit slow to me. The trim is stuck in the down position. I dont think its the trim motor bcause it makes no sound when i hit the trim button. But the guy said last time he had it out it ran 60. :D It has a custom intake and ride plate as well. Also i need to know what the fuel tank capacity is so i can buy gas in the morning! I will check the fuses before i ride tomorrow. But damn! this thing burns some gas! (1/2 tank in an hour and a half). Power doesnt seem sluggish and it planes and accelerates very fast. But i just couldnt break that 45 mark. Smh. Maybe the gas was old ? Spark plugs? wires? let me know! please, this is really frustrating!
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