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I have one brand new 2009 FZS and 2 FX Cruisers the FZS and the one of the FX Cruisers I have only had for 1 month we use the Blue Hydro lifts to store our skis when not in use. We have had jet Skis for over ten years and used the same lifts before but we had SeaDoo's. I am having a major problem with the front hull breaking right in front where there is a little ridge. We are not abusing them what so ever have not changed how we put them up on the lifts never had a problem with the seadoo's now I have 3 jet skis all with front hull problems one of them is so bad its going to be over 2000.00 to repair it. Is anybody else having any hull problems I know yamaha is not a gel coat hull so it is already weaker and I know that this year they started using a new material. Someone please help I am desperate for answers.

Sorry to hear of your problem with Yamahas. The only thing my Seadoo dealer told this spring is to watch out for the new Yamaha hull. That it was suspect and weaker than Seadoos in an effort to reduce weight for competitive reasons. He had heard stories where they crack under extreme use. But here your just tryin to load them on a lift:Christo_pull_hair:. Lets ask the Yamaha engineers:costumed-smiley-019:visit:. They are working on it:smashfreakB: should have a fix soon.

In the mean while I would insist on speaking to a Factory rep:00000056:about the problem and post a video on you-tube:Dead_Horse: All I can tell you is that the new Seadoos are excellent:thumbsup:

Good luck with your quest:boxing_smiley:

See Ya:2thumbsup:
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