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Heavy duty Exhaust Tube for Tigershark

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I was wondering if there is anyone who may carry heavy duty exhaust tubes for the Tigershark. The rubber ones that I currently am buying are blowing out from just the exhaust and water running through them. They came with it so I am not sure where they came from.

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I have found an assortment of 45's and 90's along with several options for heavy duty straight sections at a local diesel truck repair supply/parts store in my area. The straight sections I have used are "green stripe" hose which I think is a goodyear product. This is also where I buy coupler material by the foot for my Factory Pipe "B" pipe couplers.( The Blue & Red stuff )

Obviously they won't have just what your looking for all in one piece . . . . but you may be able to "build" a duplicate of yours by using straights and bends spliced together with some thin wall stainless or aluminum tubing.

Try a Trucker Supply place. I have purchased coupler material from them that is heavier duty than the stuff supplied by Factor Pipe. Napa too.

Marine Products - Marine - Automotive Aftermarket | Gates Corporation I think they only sell to dealers. The stuff I buy from NAPA for my Dry Pipes come from Gates.

Oop didn't look at the date of the last post. sorry
any marine store will have them
550 OCEAN PRO SLUT said:
any marine store will have them
That is true, but you are land locked like me. Parts like that are hard to find.
In my area they cater to mostly bass boats.
internet marine sites
if u know the id and od u r fine
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