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my first post hello to everyone, i have a 92 650sx, have had for about 4 years, it has skat in the pump, worx grate, west coast exhaust manifold, its running standard exhaust ( i have a pjs exhaust but never tried it, previous owner like standard better so never gave it a go..should i??? )keihin carb not sure on size need to measure it, and a k and n filter, have been mostly racing around buoys with it since buying it and having heaps of fun, now want to get into some freestyle, already looked at getting a brand new super jet and will happen in a about 6 months, but for now want to know how to get some more low down power, i figure 44 carb and manifold and maybe try the exhaust i have, i will be keeping the ski for my girlfriend when i upgrade so money wont be wasted, any ideas would be helpfull cheers
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