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New here but not to forums. I'm a Mod on a truck forum. I work as a school teacher and a farmer.

Ok we do have a few lakes in our area!

I've got several questions and other forums have not been able to answer them. I've just bought two 2003 Seadoo GTI LE RFI's,

1. Can these be turned up? I read where a guy said they are fuel injected with a fuel management system they can be tuned up?

2.Also the owners book said they have the VTS but it's not hooked up? installed but not active??? What would it take to make it active or useable? I know I squeeze a little more out of them w/ vts. I know I need the switch assembly for the handlebars.

Thanks, I posted this question in another place and in a few days no response, thought I'd try it here.
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