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Help!! 96 1100 ZXI

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but a long time reader. I just got a 1996 1100 ZXI. The engine was in pieces when I accquired this pwc. Did a top end kit and get great compression on all three. 150psi per.

I get fuel
I get spark

I can't seem to get it to start. It just backfires.....Could this be a sheared key or......

No gauges seem to work.....any ideas ?????

BTW is there a good way to remove the flywhell cover w/o removing the engine. i have the oil pump off.

Thanks in advance to any help on the topic. Also if you have a good search tip for this site I would appreciate it.

Thanks again:dunno:
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sorry to hear about your missfortune with your newly accuired jet ski. i am also having problems with my gages on my jet ski its a 200 zxi 1100.

the fuel gage and my speedomiter arnt working. the fule gage for me is as simple as the sending unit. you can pick one up on ebay for about $20 or so.

as far as the speedomiter and other gages id check the wiering to see if thats not fried. im still trouble shooting that one.

moving on to the starting issue and back fireing i dont quite know what to suggest. maybe a starter issue? incorrectly wired spark plugs? plugs could be dry.... im not sure how to help you in this department. id get it checked at a shop.
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