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Help - 98 Gp1200

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Put the ski in the water yesterday, sputtered like it was going to start (ran 3 days before this) but never did, it began to die out to the point in never would even make a noise. I figured the battery had ran dead, charged it the rest of day and over night. Put the battery back in and again nothing. Still wont even make a peep. Any suggestions on what might be wrong or what to try next????
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clean carbs, new plugs
check battery voltage, if less than 10V bad battery, if 12V(or over) check starting circuit.
If it won't even crank, you could have fried the starter.If it still cranks, check spark, fuel and compression. These are the three things an engine needs to run. If you have spark, replace the plugs(for good measure) and and clean the carb(s). Hope this helps, Vintage.
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