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hi guys thanks for taking the time to look at my post! First off let me apologize if this question has been asked, but after searching the forums I could not find it. I am new to PWC's and by new I mean I have never been on one in my life. That being said my family and I are moving to Texas and we are interested in getting set up with a couple of jet skis that will be capable of an adult and one or two (I have 3 daughters) small children on the ski. I would like to be able to have a ski that can pull my kids on a tube, basic sort of fun, quality and longevity over speed (I have a crotch rocket for that).

I am looking locally here in Kentucky but am not sure what sorts of questions to ask or what I can look for on the ski to help decide if they are worth the money. If there is a buying guide any of you more experienced members could point me to that would be great!

Anyways thanks alot for looking, any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you all have a safe memorial day weekend!
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