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Hi. I recently bought a 2002 Virage TXi (first ever jetski and spent all my money!) got it home and into the water for the first time and within a few minutes, it won't rev above idle either in the water or on the trailer. I've checked the fuel pressure (35psi) and the coils are giving a spark. I took out the injectors and they seem to be letting fuel out but should they create a fine spray? 'Cos they just seem to dribble fuel out around the nozzle.

I also noticed that there is no jet of fuel in the throttle body when the accelerator is pressed, yet If I spray combustable liquid into the throttle body while running it revs great! could this be the problem?

I'm usually ok with engines but I have to say this beast is like nothing I ever saw before!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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