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Hello everyone, new to the forum...and jet ski repair :(

Last week I bought a GP1200 and the motor was good (did a compression test on it) had 140psi on all cyl. but He didn't have the flush kit so we only turned it on for like 2 secons (litteraly).

Get to the lake yesterday and get going in the idle zone and there is an incredible vibration at certain speeds/load. I get under there this morning and take off the grate and the ride plate. I can move the shaft to the point where the impeller hit the housing :(. It feels like the bearing that is in the engine bay is holding good the one that is the problem is by the actual jet pump (towards the back). Also I can move the impeller shaft front to back about a centimeter, I am guessing this isn't normal?:dunno: There is visible damage to the housing where the impeller has touched.

So, is my assessment of the rear most bearing being shot adequate?
should there be that much front to back play in the impeller shaft?
once I remove the rear pump/bearing, does the impeller and shaft just pull out through the rear?
Does anyone have free access to the gp1200 manual online? (pdf)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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