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I just recently got my 2000 Polairs Virage 1200TX into riding condition. This included new battery, oil and regular first of the year maint. I connected the new and fully charged battery into the ski, i noticed that the LCD display did not pop up, like with the time, oil level, and gas levels. I just figured that i will throw it in the water and see if everything pops into place once i get it running. I launched it, and started driving off at about idle, smoking pretty bad ( as usual burning off all the winterizer ). I slowly gassed it and about 1/8 throttle the rev-limiter kicked in. How weird right? i checked the connections in the engine... all good, all fuses inside electrical box are good, and replaced spark plugs. It starts and idles perfect. What do i do? PLEASE PLEASE HELP! ( is there a system built in where the speedometer and tachometer both don't work...... the engine will not go over a certain RPM?)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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