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Help me choose my first waverunner...

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I'm torn between a 96 waveraider 700 and a 95 waverunner 3. I know the waveraider has lower hours than the WR3.

I'm 6'1" and weigh 285lbs and have ridden a WR3 but not a raider... I hear it requires more skill/isn't as stable. My main worry is that i'll have trouble climbing on from the water without tipping the raider. I had no worries about tipping the WR3 while climbing on.

I'll welcome any advice... However I already know I should lose some weight:cheeky4::D
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I have a 95 waveraider 1100 and im about 6'1" 210lbs or so and i have alittle trouble getting on the ski sometimes. it is very unstable anything below say 5mph... like cant sit all day on it and go fishing like my waveventure. altho its way more fun them my waveventure once ur moving. also with me at 210lbs and a friend thats over say 125lbs or so its so unstable under like 10mph that u can bearly stay on it... so if i were to guess a good weight limit for the waveraider is around 250lbs to 300lbs. me and my who is skinny as hell at about 110-120 are ok on the ski but me and my other friend that is like 160 its not even fun cuz ur wobbling back and forth all the time... hope this helps just my opinion...

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