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Help, My PWC is broke

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Help, my 2000 Yamaha 1200XL is doing some weird stuff. Just got it out for the first time of the season. I put new spark plugs in it, changed the fuel filter, filled it up and headed to the lake (of course with a new battery). Ran great for about 5 minutes, then it shut off. No spitting or sputtering, just dead. Tried to restart and the motor wouldn't turn over but I could here the starting trying. It acted like I locked up the engine, which had me real worried. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then tried it again. Started fine and ran for another 2 minutes and then shut down again and the whole process kept repeating until I got it back to shore. The best the yamaha salesman could come up with was "bad gas" which makes no sense, but he told me to come back and talk to there "specialist" Any ideas? I hate taking stuff back to shops where they change parts out until they get it right. Thanks

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plug it in to yds and see if any codes
Definately see if its throwing out any error codes.

CHECK YOU BATTERY CONNECTIONS!!! You may not have tightened the cables down fully which would result in intermittent power to the computer/engine...
how do you check the engine codes?
u need the computer system
were are u located i have the programs
I am in Del Rio TX... Anybody in interested in buying it as it is?
Did you check the fuel filter? Sounds like it might be clogged.
well, I took it into the Yamaha Dealership in town, and they told me exactly what I expected. "They won't know for sure until they tear it down, but probably the crankshaft bearings are gone" We do know that there is no compression in the last cylinder. The owner offered me $2500 like it is, because his mechanic told him it needed about $2000 worth of work. I only paid $3500 for it so I'm thinking about cutting my losses and let him have it instead of putting $2000 in a 7 year old boat. what do you guy's think?
My advice is not to jump to quickly.

Get another opinion - If it was me, I would get 3 opinions in total.

You might have a dealer giving you bad advice - I have had this on cars many times - turns out to be something silly - like Toyota telling me to sell my 3 year old landcruiser - the engine is buggered because it is using oil - trned out they put the wrong grade of oil in it.

This is not the first time it has hapenned ot me - and I hear it happening a lot in the jetski industry.

They end up with a steal - and sell it again without needing to do anything to it.

Make sure your decision is an informed one.
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