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A. Unburnt fuel builds up in the exhaust system and ignites when it gets hot enough = BANG!
B. Don't know on your ski since I don't have a service manual. If you can remove the box without taking the engine out then it should be possible.
C. Yes. Even if you have to remove the engine, these 2 strokes are fairly light, and can be pulled without a hoist in most cases, but you will need your son to help. Look at SBTs website for an engine removal/installation guide.

Does it look something like this?:

Now here is the bad news. When this happens it is usually because one cylinder is going bad, and letting raw unburnt fuel pass into the exhaust system. So, you may have a much larger problem than the blown water box. It may be time for an engine rebuild. Check your compression as a first step. Best case senerio would be a fouled spark plug or loose wire preventing one plug from firing, but you may want to pull the top off the engine and take a look at the pistons just to be safe if the compression numbers are low on one cylinder.
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