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I was wondering if some one could give me a little help? I just recently pulled my stock 1990 motor out of my 650sx and swaped it out with built 650sx motor it has a mariner head, west coast full exshaust, west coast intake & exshaust manifolds and a bigger carb! However the mariner head has another fitting on it unlike my stock head and the west coast pipe has more cooling fittings on it then my stock pipe. I put it all together the way I thought would work and put it in the water and it had real trouble starting, held throttle wide open finally got it to start but when i took it for a ride it sounded like the motor was all there but it just had no power! All in all I believe I hooked up the cooling lines wrong from the mariner head, and the lines from exhaust, does any one have a similar setup that could help me out thanks alot sorry so long.
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