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help: new owner

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so i just bought a yamaha gp1200. and the machine runs great. this is for informational purposes. i know there is a certain way to turn a pwc over if it capsizes. just not sure which way that is? it isnt a stock engine though. there are 3 riva motorsports air filters, instead of the stock part (Not sure what it was called). any help would be appreciated. also, is there a way to adjust alignment, like a car? when idling and the handle bars are straight, the pwc moves to the left (not due to current or a wake). it has aftermarket handlebars too.
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The reason you only roll a jet ski a certain way is because the exhaust ports are open and water from the exhaust can pour back in the motor if you roll it the wrong way. That's also the reason if you ever need to roll it on it's side on the beach you ALWAYS roll toward the exhaust. So if the boat is upside down in the water you'd want to roll most boats(exhaust on the left side) clockwise from the rear. Hope that makes sense.

Regarding the handlebars - this is a simple adjustment of the steering cable at the steering nozzle in the rear of the ski.

Do you have an owners manual? I have an FXHO - it describes how to do it in the manual - if you don't you can get one from Welcome To The World Of Yamaha! and download it.

I hope this helps.
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