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I wanted to ask the community on some feedback regarding a 92 SeaDoo XP jet ski I'm close to buying.

The guy is the original owner, and described what appears to have been proper maintenance done the whole time hes owned them.

This XP has a new engine from SBT in 2006. (600cc [587] two-stroke). The symptoms described on startup is that it "Idles high". He claims it has ran near flawlessly the past two years, and that this issue could be a minor carb issue.

I've heard this could be as simple as an "Idle Adjustment" running around $20-$40 and can be done quickly.

For benefit of the doubt, I asked a couple of power sports service centers approximately what it would cost me to have the carb serviced, and I heard about $300 across the board including parts and labor.

When I go see them this week, and ask him to start them up, is there anything I should be watching for, or listening for?

Expert riders, what do you think?

Does this sound like a minor adjustment? Minor Issue? Or Major Issue?

Any help would be immensely appreciated!!
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