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Hi You All;

I just discovered and joined this forum because I'm having problems
with my '93 Polaris 650SL.

Usually every summer when I first pull it out of storage, it starts
up 1st time with a few shots of starting fluid. I'll then run it
for a minute to get the fuel primed into the cylinders. Once that
first start goes successfully, it usually runs fine afterwards.

Over the winter it's stored with the battery removed, a full tank
of gas treated with fuel stabilizer, and engine store squirted into
the carb throats until it dies, and then squirted down into the
spark plug holes and then the plugs replaced.

The battery is then freshly charged in the spring when I pull it
out for re-installation in the waverunner again.

This year, I can't get it to start and run more than once every few
days. It will start with the starting fluid applied, and run for as
long as I dare out of water. But when I shut it off, it will not
start up again that whole day, starting fluid or no. If I leave it
sit, it may start up again the following day, or the day after, but
not again on the same day.

I've pulled a plug wire and can see a dim but blue white spark that
jumps across a 1/8 inch gap to the sparkplug top, or a bright but
yellow spark that jumps a 1/8 inch gap from the lead to a cylinder
head bolt, but the engine will not start anyway in spite of using
starting fluid. Remember, once I DO get it started, it runs from
the gas in the tank until I shut it off, but it won't restart again
the rest of the day.

Any help please?
Thanks, Dave
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