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Hey guys I've always had boats, but I'm still pretty new to seadoo and need a little help. The last couple times I've had my LRV out it runs good but if I run it WOT for more than a few seconds I get an overheat alarm. I can run around at 3/4 throttle for a long time and won't get an alarm, but as soon as I start riding it hard I get the alarm. It never stopped pissing and I felt the stream when I got the alarm and It was pretty warm, but not what I would call hot. I popped the seat off right after the alarm and could touch the head and exhaust. Both were warm but again not what I would call really hot. I can't find any thing blocking the pump and like I said it's still pissing. Could I still have a blockage some where else? The pis stream only shoots out a couple feet when riding is that normal or should I have more pressure? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Oh a little info it's a 2002 LRV di with about 50 hours. Only ridden in salt a few times. I've owned it for about a year.
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