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Polaris 1200 bogging problem solution

Polaris genesis engine bogging solution


Finally I figured it out !!!! I purchased a 15.00 fuel pressure tester kit and realized I had no pressure from the fuel pump. Apparently the was just enough fuel to idle but not to operate the injectors at any speed above that. So you might thing the electric fuel pump was bad..... Huh ? Well after removing pump/fuel sending unit from the gas tank, I realised the fuel pressure regulator fell of the pump and was laying inside of pump housing. This is a 5" hose with a machined nipple on one end and a spring loaded regulator on the other. I just pressed the nipple end back into the plastic fitting it fell out of at the top of the pump. Then reassembled the pump in the tank. Now ,I attatched a fuel pressure gauge attached to the fuel test port and started the engine. Guess what..... Now I have 22 psi fuel pressure, and engine revs well.
I took this watercraft out today and what power and speed !!!!!!!
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