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Ok...just a quick history: My buddy owned this '98 ZXi (CD Carbs) and brought it into the shop because of a recall on the fuel system of some sort. Ever since the change was made, it never ran right. He tried fighting with them to no avail, but brought it to a different dealer who took apart the carbs, cleaned them out, and slapped them back together. At that point, the jetski was a pain to start - ran again but there was a noticable lag in acceleration until the engine revved at higher speeds.
I bought it from him last year, and just kinda ignored the hard cold starting and lag even though it was annoying trying to come out of the hole. This year, I took it out for the first time...didn't change anything, but now the lag was tremendous. For haha's I switched the fuel knob from "On" to "Reserve" and surprisingly, there was a noticable difference (yes, the gas tank was full)... but still a bigger lag than last year. I figured things would clear out since it had been sitting all winter but it got worst to the point that it felt like it was starving for gas and then it died. It started back up but NOOO power and kept on sputtering and died every few yards... continued to do that until I made it back to shore and pulled it out of the water. Once out of the water, it took a minute to start but once it did, it sounded like a champ and the throttle was responsive. In my opinion it appears to be a problem under an engine load and seems like its starving for gas...but there's no adjustments on this CV carb! Anyone have a clue on what's up with this thing or what I can do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -jAy
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