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I'm looking to purchase a couple waverunners for my children (16 & 21) so they have something to do while we go boating with my bf.

Because money IS a major factor, I have narrowed my choice down to two models:

1994 & 1995 Yamaha 700CC models........ one has a brand new motor, the other about 200-250 hrs (so they say). Both are in fair condition...a bit faded... some rips in rubber bumbers, etc. I would purchase one with a trailer and one without...(no option of a double)

1995 Sea Doo SP ............ these babies were WELL taken care of .... winterized, garage kept, etc. Look clean and great... no fading... comes with a beautiful double trailer

Either "package" is going to cost between $2,200-2,600 (the Sea doos being a bit more expensive).

If is weren't for the fact that the Yamaha's are a bit larger (bigger seat and more front to them), it would not even be a dilemna (I'd pick the sea doos)...but just wondering if the Sea doos tip more easily? and what the better deal would be? How are repairs on each?

Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome to the forum,

I have never ridden the Yamaha you are considering. Are these are WaveRaider 701 or the Waverunner III models?

However I can tell you about the SeaDoos. The 580 motor in them is bullet proof. Yes the hulls are rather tipsy but can be ridden two up if you do a throttle start off when the passenger is boarding. These are very fun machines they'll do 360's with no problem.
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