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So I wasn't planning on doing one of these, but I just found out there are a few features limited to new members of the forum, so I figured I'd post here just to get another post :tango_face_smile:

I'm pretty new to PWC's, I just bought my first two about a month ago. I thought I was getting a killer deal, but it turns out the seller didn't take as good of care of them as I was led to believe. So I got one running great, it just has an oil leak I have to deal with. The other is still an enigma, but I'm hoping to get it running today, if not a local guy is going to take a look at it tomorrow. I live in the middle of nowhere so we don't have a dealer or any shop that works on PWCs, so you either have to figure it out yourself, go out of town and find a shop, or find someone else that isn't a professional.

Anyway, I've rewired my trailer already (because the seller "just re-did the wiring" but had no idea what he was doing) and am hoping to get both skis out this weekend before the weather cools down too much, but I may just have to settle for one for now. I've already got a thread on here for the other one, so I'm hoping between that and the guy coming tomorrow I'll be able to get it going soon (and hopfully without spending loads of money).

I'm basically just rambling at this point, so I'm going to stop :tango_face_grin:
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