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I just bought my first pwc after riding one last summer and falling in love with my new would be hobby I got a 95 sea doo 650 a few weeks back, it was not winterized, and i picked it up for $700 with the trailer. anyways, it seemed to start fine when I looked at it. when I has it in my driveway, I tried to turn it on and it would make a noise like it wanted to turn on but it wouldnt. I didnt touch it for like 2 weeks.

Now today i happened to try to turn it on as I walked by, and to my surprise it turned on!!! then I couldnt get the damn thing to turn off(i figured out the little button was stuck later) so to turn it off I took turned the gas off, it was still running, I was afraid to damage the engine so I took the seat off and disconnected the spark plugs, it finally turned off. but now if i try to start it, it doesnt even make a sound...I push the start button and its totally quiet.

Any ideas what I could have done to it??? I hope its just the battery... I made sure the spark plugs were back on nice and tight

p.s. I had water running through it when it turned on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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