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Just pulled my ski out for the first time this season and hit a rope. the ski stopped dead, so I gave it the once over and discovered a rope in the impeller. I did not attempt to restart after the rope strike. When I got it home, I pulled off the intake grate and the ride plate and cut the rope free. I took it back out and had some serious power issues. It starts fine in the water with no idle issues but when I give it some gas, it will rev to around 5000rpm at 10mph.

Prior to this rope strike, the wear ring was been replaced, new carbs w/ accelarator pump, new fuel lines and water lines and rebuilt RAVE caps. The ski ran fine with no issues.

Has the wear ring been stripped out again from the sudden stop of the impeller, or do I have some other issue such as a bad seal on the ride plate causing cavatation?

Ski is a 97 Seadoo GTX.
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