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I presently own a Sea Doo RXT 215 and checking out new skis for next year. I have test rode Yami's, Kawi's and the Honda F 15 X for a short ride on a Lake. I liked the handling, the ease of turning and the smooth acceleration unlike the jerkyness of the Yamaha, again though, this was on a lake. Almost everything is great on a Lake.

Trying to find an Independant Review of the Aquatrax F 15X or anyone who has put some hours on it is difficult to find if not impossible. What I have read states the ski Porpoises a bit, and may tilt from side to side in the chops. Another con is the non telescoping steering so standing is difficult.

Honda's Retail Price on this Ski makes it the 2nd highest priced ski on the market. Interesting since it appears to be the least marketed and promoted ski on the market. Has Team Honda fallen asleep on this one? Do they care about moving this model from the Showroom to the Ocean?

Living in Los Angeles, most of my riding is Off Shore. Can someone give me some feedback as to how this ski handles Off Shore conditions, the chop, 3 foot swells and the rough stuff?

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