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Hi everyone!
I apologize for the bad English, but I don't know where to look for help. :)
I read a lot of topics but I can't figure out exactly what to look to solve my problem.
I bought this jet a month ago, but as always, when you buy something here in Bulgaria, they try to deceive you and that's what happened.
The jet worked well for 20 minutes after which it signal for the battery, I bought a new one and replaced it. Everything was fine until it stopped forcing, I got angry and a week later I disassembled the jet to look for a problem. It turned out to be a leaky manifold, I bought another one and assembled the jet, changed the oil, and all the filters. The jet walked for 15 minutes and stopped again, now it doesn't start.
I checked the fuses, the pump is heard to raise fuel, and the starter turns, but there is no spark or any signal on the dashboard for a problem.
Interestingly, when he stopped there was a smell of burns on the front right.
I also tested every cable from the jacks to the computer and everything is fine.

I will be grateful for any opinions on what to check, because I want to use the jet these days but I no longer know what to do.
- Honda Aquatrax f-12x 165hp turbo 2006 -
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