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Last month I did basic maintenance on my two hondas. I changed the oil and the filter, adding 4 quarts of synthetic honda oil to each. I kno that one must warm up the engine to get an accurate oil level, which I did to the first and the oil level was adequate without topping it off. I noticed on the second honda, that its oil level was lower, so I topped it off by adding where the dip stick goes in.

I began to check the air filter, since this is the first time I would be changing it, even though it should be done annually, I only have 60 hours since 05 when we bought them new, instead of the 100 per year that are under the normal usage.

My issue is that on one of the Hondas, the air filter and the box had oil in it! I checked the other ski and it was fine and dry....i am not aware of a time when the ski was flipped and not flipped back over the right way, any one know does this sound like a big issue or what!

Also, does anyone kno more about the replacement air filters? Are there any aftermarket ones I can buy and avoid finding an expensive Honda dealer?
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