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I have decided that a PWC is required now that we have purchased a place on a lake. Just need a way to cool off on those hot summer days.

Here are the factors/wants/needs affecting my decision:
1. I am a newbie and have only rented a machine once or twice
2. I will be using it mostly for riding but would like to have the option to pull my son (9 yrs old) on skis or tube.
3. I prefer build quality, long-term reliability and value vs speed, power and extra options
4. I plan on keeping it for a long period of time
5. It will only be used in freshwater in one location
6. I don’t mind spending a little extra if it means I will be happier in the long run.

I think I have it narrowed it down to two machines. First, the Honda F12 because it is built well and the present deals on them is insane. The second is the Yamaha VX cruiser because of its proven reliability and bang for the buck.

If you had to choice between these two based on my requirements what would you choose?

Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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