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Honda R12x Stability

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I am new to this forum, and just have a general Honda question. I own a 2005 Honda R12x Turbo and a 2004 Yamaha GP1300R. The Honda is fast, but it seems to me that the Honda is less stable than the Yamaha. When I gas the Yamaha is seems that it is easier to ride and it doesn't jump the waves as much as the Honda. When I gas the Honda it goes really fast but it jumps the waves/water a lot and has less controllability / stability than the Yamaha. When I ride both, it seems that its easier to fall off the Honda when I am riding fast. I tried putting the trim up and down on the Honda but it's still not as stable as the Yamaha. Is there anybody else who experience this or is there any settings to make it more stable?

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ride plate time
ride plate time??? can you explain some more
look into an aftermarket ride plate
I know how you feel

A friend of mine in the air force just bought a new 06 r-12x when he came back from the sand box. After riding my RXP for a couple of months and testing out his r12x, it felt unstable to me as well. I was finding myself having to keep gassing the ski so i wouldn't tip over sideways. The RXP was rock solid even in rough waves at idle, can't say the same for the Honda.
what are some popular brands?how do you go about choosing them?
The Honda does have that sportier feel and a lot of the younger guys prefer them just for that "light" feel.
Honda auqatrax fuel consumtion

How long can you ride a Honda f-12 turbo and non turbo 3 seater and a Honda r-12 turbo and non turbo 2 seater on a full tank of gas riding hard and turning circles and running it fast
Not sure what you all are expecting here for stability? These are PWC, with inherent stability differences in each and every one of them. Some nimble, some more stable and less nimble. If you want a Couch for the water, maybe you should have bought a boat instead.
I have a f12 Non-turbo and felt really stable in the ocean with some major waves. That was with 2 people on it. The only time it felt a little unstable was with 3 people, but I expected that. I even had my father driving with me sitting backwards trolling for blues. And we actually caught 3 and never felt like we were going to fall off.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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