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Hey Guys,

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction before i go off on a wild goose chase.

last time out on the water, after about 45 minutes or so i noticed that my exhaust and muffler had heated up considerable, resulting in the wire holders glue to melt which allowed the wires to fall onto the muffler melted them

I have already repaired all the wires, and the controls all seem ok, but before I go back on the water, I want to figure out why the exhaust heated up too high.

The temperature warning light never came on before i noticed the issue.

So which direction would be the most likely cause of the problem? Are the carbs to lean even though i haven't noticed the issue in the past? or would it be more likely to be a problem with the cooling? The water was flowing from the hull nicely though.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions!



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There should we water coming out with your exhaust gases. If there isnt, you have a water block in your exhuast expansion chamber.

Unscrew cooling elbow 52014 on the image diagram. check for any blockage to and from that elbow. or stick a small screwdriver in the hole where it screws into, it should go all the way through.

I had a small pebble stuck in the hole where 52014 screws into. It was blocking waterflow into the exuaust which burned up my rubber exuast hose.

always good to follow flush procedures to clean out your cooling system.


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