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Hey Guys,

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction before i go off on a wild goose chase.

last time out on the water, after about 45 minutes or so i noticed that my exhaust and muffler had heated up considerable, resulting in the wire holders glue to melt which allowed the wires to fall onto the muffler melted them

I have already repaired all the wires, and the controls all seem ok, but before I go back on the water, I want to figure out why the exhaust heated up too high.

The temperature warning light never came on before i noticed the issue.

So which direction would be the most likely cause of the problem? Are the carbs to lean even though i haven't noticed the issue in the past? or would it be more likely to be a problem with the cooling? The water was flowing from the hull nicely though.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions!


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