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Hello, im new. I've been looking for answers to my questions for a few days with little luck, so please read this and give me your input, it may help others too.
I just sold my '04 Yamaha XLT 1200 (2 stroke). It was a PITA, every time I used it there would be a problem. It never ran right and the maintenance was annoying. It wouldn't start sometimes. It would hesitate when switching from low to high speed throttle. It would bog down at full throttle. Anyway, I sold it. Now I'm looking to buy an Aquatrax F-12x, I live on the water 5 minutes from the gulf of mexico, so i need a 3 seater that will be comfortable in choppy waters. I'm pretty set on this ski because I've heard good things, its 4 stroke turbo with plenty of power and its a Honda. Oh and there happens to be a guy selling one near by.

Its an 06 F-12X, 130 hrs, looks in really good shape, haven't seen it in person yet. There is a little rust on the outside of the turbo, he said he went to the dealer and they told him it was pretty normal, they told him the turbo is in good working order and its nothing to worry about. So, on to my questions/concerns:

1. How many hours is a lot of hours on the machine?
2. What should I look for when I see it in person?
3. What are common issues (if any) with this jetski to keep in mind?
4. What should the price be given what I've listed?

I hope I get positive answers so I can go ahead and buy it, but I want to make sure its a good decision, thats why I'm here.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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The F12X is a fantastic machine but is a rough ride on rough water. You can modify the ride plate to improve it some [I did]. The 15X is a wonderful ride on rough water if you can find one.
You need to use a mirror to inspect the waste gate actuator on the F12x for rusting. If you are not sure as to where it is, read my thread on PWCTODAY.COM [Honda forum] about "30 minutes can save you thousands".
You will love Hondas and if the corrosion has been controlled on the F12X, 130 hours is almost brand new.
I had two Yamaha GP1200s too before the Hondas and there is no comparison.
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