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Hi, new to the forum. Looking to buy possibly one of two used jet skis but need a little more info on compression testing, basically, reassurance that I am going to do this right and not screw up this guy's jet ski. I have some decent DIY mechanical knowledge from wrenching on my jeep, but have never done a compression test.

Disabling the ignition - how to do this? My main question.

After this is done, just remove both plugs, screw in compression test gauge, crank engine and give full throttle and it will give reading? I've already read about tolerance and acceptable general levels on 2 strokes, but if anyone has somewhere I could track down specific info on the following two jet skis:

1. 1997 Seadoo GSI ($1600, around 100 hours, original owner, winterized, garaged each year)
2. 1997 Yamaha 760 ($1500, not sure of the model but it is white and green, same stats as above)

And of course any info, recommendation of the above two skis? I've also already read about pump oil changes on seadoos, etc so I have done some research. Both come with trailers too, decent shape, I just need to get it a 1/10 mile to the boat ramp near my house. Just looking for some second opinions. thanks yall
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