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Hello, new to the board. I am looking to purchase a couple Jet Skis and I got a really good deal on two 1997 Yamahas. Heard them run over the phone. Only thing is that he doesnt know what model they are. All he has is the registration card, no model information. He described one of the engines having "J700F" plated on them, but I got nothing from that in a Google search. He says one engine is moderate size, and the other engine barely fits in the engine bay. He mentioned something about "GP III" or "GP". I am going to see them Saturday, anyone have any tips as to how to identify these jet skis? I know that the last two numbers in the HIN are the years, but as far as models go, I have no idea. Any advice will help. Thanks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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