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well my brother calls me on a wensday and tells me to get a jet ski stand made and shows up friday with it like this....

he bought it off ebay and it runs great, but it needs some minor things from my point of view... there are missing guages which im not sure if the ski didnt come with them and the hood is either optional or from a diffrent ski. and on the left side there is duct tape with a perfect circle in it, just above the left foot area...

and i may have over looked the screw in plug on the back but not quite sure what i was looking at... what are these lil duck bill looking things... and the open hole on the left of the drive...

i had a 97 seadoo xp before this one.. but there is some difference between the two ski's.. i also have a js550 that needs some work..

the ski and the stand i made for it....

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