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Ok...I am renting a place where the guy has 6 skis and only one runs. 2 of them are pretty bad so they may end up being parts only. There is one that runs, idles anyway, but when you give it throttle it bogs and dies. I am sure the fuel system needs cleaned out but trying to just get going on it.

I have been into motorcycles for a long time and work on all my own stuff, so not afraid of the mechanical just need some direction.

Here are some of the skis:

Polaris - SLT750 - runs good
Polaris - SL750 - idles ok
Polaris - SL780 - Hull damage...not sure about that, but supposed to run ok
Polaris - SL750 - doesn't run at all...not even really looked at it yet

I don't know the year of any of these yet. Still gathering info.

If anyone can help with a service manual or anything like that, I would greatly appreciate it. We want to at least get a couple running quickly so we can have some fun. I have never even been on one of these things before, but I am dying to try it out!!!

Thanks in advance - looks like a great forum
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