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Maybe I should have, cause I sure didn't catch any fish.
I departed Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach at 0645 and was off of Currituck LIght N.C. by 0735. I was an awesome run at 45-50mph, a couple hundred yards off of the beach on the edge of the breakers. The 60 degree west wind made it even nicer. Unfortunately even though I ran all the way to Duck North Carolina, I never saw water temps above 40.5. I never saw any bait or decent fish marks either. I ran inshore on the way down and 3 miles offshore on the way back. I covered about 88 miles round trip and burned 20.5 gallons. I think I will wait a couple weeks and see if the temps come up inshore before I make any more long runs. It was still a fun day and I would rather be riding the jet ski in the middle of the winter than riding a desk any day. Ha! Here are some picture from my trip today.

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