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Hey guys hows it going. So heres the deal. I have right now two 550 stand ups sitting in my garage. One runs the other doesnt. There on a double trailer and Ill be selling them soon because the wife has said I can get a new one:appl:. Im looking at the yahmahas because well I love my quad so why not. If I can find two on a trailer for around 15gs I would proably jump on it however I have not done my research yet. So I want the best buy for my money on a sit down ski. I know everyone has an opion so please share yours. Oh yea the 89 and 88 550s are gonna be sold for 800 bucks on here if anyone cares. Im in WA also. So tell me what the best ski out there for the best price?..

Also Im new here but it looks like a great site
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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