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I need three 1996 1050 heads asap

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I need a stock muffler 1996 polaris1050 sltx

1996 Polaris 1050 SLTX.I have Got my heads ,thax for the help.I now need a stock muffler,at least a quieter one.Im currently running a alloy Hotseat can....loudddd
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sorry for asking but what make is your motor i have alot of polaris parts
i got my heads

The engine is a 1996 sltx 1050..I have assembled it and i am in the process of prob im having is.When im at 2to 3000rpm it bogs and at full throtle it it goes then trys to die out into a bog.when i run with one third of choke on this doesnt happen..may you know what to sujest..Any way it turns out the is an aftermarket exhaust on this(alloy Hot Pipe)louddd.Im interested in a stock pipe or a quiter one...JIm [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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