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Come on folks, let's get the spirit of this forum alive and moving! If you know of, use or have had positive results from a product or service that really works, lives up to its claims or just makes things a little easier then, hey!, wake-up & share it with all of us! Sorry don't mean to ralph & buick here, but as it reads in the thread title, "I WISH ...."
So here's my contribution;
Was talking with an old boater friend here in Florida yesterday. Told him I'm now an avid JS'r and had moved on a new FX-SHO Cruiser. Told me to insure I do a good engine-flush and rinse after every salt H2O excursion. Duhhh. Otay (sic), and the capitol of Mississippi is Chicago, ... right? What I didn't know about was what he shared with me next; Use Salt-Away in every engine-flush. What? What the-heck-is "Salt-Away"?
At the risk of this thread being sacked as spam, I'm not going to post a link here. And NO, I don't work for the damn company, nor am I a stock-holder. However when I investigated this engine saving elixir, I pondered becoming one.
Anyway, I agonized over salt generated corrosion build-up on my old Yammie jet-boat for years, without (I'm embarrassed to admit -yeah call me dummy) ever knowing about this stuff.
So, I can't really attest to how-well, or if-it-even works as advertised as, like I mentioned, my Yammie SHO is new with < 10 hours. I do know the one-time I used it today was simple, uncomplicated, and my engine purred like a kitten sucking mama cat's teat. Indeed, the peace-of-mind that comes with the use of such a product is priceless.
If this post helps just one other jet-H2O owner, then I believe my time's been well-spent.
Hey - Share your ideas! Don't think, "Aw everybody already knows about ______ . Maybe we don't!
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