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First of all like to say hello to all. Im new to the PWC realm. From what I have been able to tell from most of the posts within this forum you all are very helpful to the less fortuneate such as my self with a broken ski...

I am completely confused right now..
I have two issues with my ski.

Little background on the GP, bought it a month ago for next to nothing (less then 2K). Guy who owned it rode it in salt but took pretty good care of it. It was his wifes ski.
The prevoius owner had the ski sitting for about one year and not ridden, has 60 hours on it.
Carb. was just rebuilt 45 days ago, but it was at a shop that was not too familiar with Yamaha PWC's. Owner said it ran great in the water, just started bogging at higher speeds so had carb rebuilt.
Well, When I bought the ski the owner had not started it since he had the carb rebuilt.

So here begins my problems.
When I start the ski it starts first try, idles low for a couple seconds and then runs right up to about 6500 to 7000 rpms and will not come down. I have adjusted the trolling speed screw and does not make a difference.
What else can I look at for this..

I did put it in the water.. ( not a good idea when craft is idleing at 7K) But luckily the craft didnt go anywhere.
Machine did not move at all. The prop moves when the craft is out of the water. Any ideas? I know there are about a million things to look at. I removed the intake grate and can turn the prop and shaft and it runs the shaft coming out the back of the engine with it, You can hear the crank turning inside as well when you do this. There is great pressure in the pistons.

Any ideas folks. All the input is greatly appreciated. Like I said I am new to PWC's.

Thanks again.
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