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I'll be gone for the next few weeks.

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Hey all,

My wife and I are leaving today to take our youngest son to Children's hospital. We found out about a little over a month ago that he needs to have open heart surgery to have his aortic valve in his heart replaced. He is 6 years old so if you all could be praying for him, it would be appreciated! When he was 2 days old we found out about his heart condition and he had surgery on his heart then to temporarily fix the valve but were told that eventually it would need to be replaced. That time has now come. I am also a Christian pastor so I have a bunch of people praying for him but I wanted to let everyone on here know as well and let you all know why I will be gone until probably the end of the month. I have an area set up on my web site that you all can follow along with Zach's progression if you like, while we are at Children's hospital. My web site is Quads For Christ it is a Christian ATV web site and in the general discussion and prayer request area we have the links set up to follow along with Zach's recovery!
Thank you all again for your prayers!
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Hey just wanted to tell you we will be praying for you and Zach!! Put your trust in the lord and all things will be added unto you, including your sons speedy recovery!!
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