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As the title says im new here, and if this is the wrong place to post this Im sorry, I have a 94 Kawai 750ss that the motor shelled out due to the oil injection pump going out. Im trying to find a used motor for it, looked on ebay, craigslist etc. My main question is, my cousin has a friend with a similar year Kawasaki with a 650 motor that the ski was in a garage fire. He hasnt checked the motor out yet, hes a marine mechanic. Id rather put back a 750 in it, but if the 650 would work id put it in till i can get another 750. I think the ski was a x2. havent seen it, but its cheap. will the 650 bolt up and make mine usable till i can find a 750. I dont care about lower power, just need something temporary. thanks, Jack.
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