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Ok, Ok, I have been frustrated with a ski before so I'll give you a shot.

Just remember, if someone had a solid idea or lead they would have posted it sooner. Most of someone's expertise is simple experience (I had a piece of crap truck, I was constantly working on it so now, hey I know alot about piece of crap trucks!)

Depending on how long it may have sat with old gas, it may be tarnished inside the carb. Either that or the diaframes in the carb or the filter on the gas line in the tank may be clogged. I have one that will run with gas or starter fluid in the carb but not when it runs out. This is, I believe, the issue of a clogged intake in the gas line, in the tank.

Maybe see if you can run a hose from a gas can to the carb directly and see if it will run or pull gas that way.

Good Luck!
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