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Hi! everyone, I don't know much about PWC and I just bought a 1998 yamaha gp800 with 62 hours on it and went last weekend to the lake to tested. It was very hard to start, I had use carburator cleaner in the carburators to make it run and it works fine, cut it off and wait a few seconds and them start right up about 5 minutes try again and I had the same problem hard to start. What this can be? Carburators problems?

Jet Ski seems to have plenty power with just myself on it. I weight 186 Lbs. but when I asked my wife to ride with me (she weights 110 Lbs) the jet ski was very slow in the take off.

I put fresh gas on it, and also new NGKspark plugs.

Any ideas of what kind of problems I may having here and around how much it will cost me to fix it. I paid $1,300 for both jetski and 2001 trailer. Thank you in advance for your reply.
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