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Hello all, I recently solf my 99 xpl and want to buy something a tad newer, used. The xpl was a blast to ride, but was fairly unreliable. The main problem was carb adjustment, I want something reliable.

So here's what I want in a ski:
2 seater

I'm not worried about storage or fuel consumption. I ride in the river and sometimes lake erie. mostly just love jumping waves, going fast, etc.

So, I've looked at ski's year 2000 and newer and there's many out there and I don't I've even seen them all. I have up to. $4000 to spend.

Here's what I've found:

Kawi ultra 150
Sea doo xp di
Yami gp1200
Sea doo rx di
Kawi 1100xi (I think)
Polaris 1200?

I don't plan on doing any engine mods, just want the reliability. Ride plate, intake grate, etc probably because those are easy and make a nice difference.

I race quads so I maintain everything well but I do love a thrill and don't mind getting wet.

Thanks for any and all help. I look forward to contributing to this forum.

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Kawi ultra 150--Powerful but handle poorly

Sea doo xp di--Great boat never knew they made a D.I, which I'd stay away from unless you get a smokin deal on one. D.Is are expensensive to repair

Yami gp1200-- 97-99 GP1200 or 2000-2002 GP1200r? Both are great. Can't go wrong here.

Sea doo rx di --Great looking boat, go for the carbed version though

Kawi 1100ZX-- Handle like shit, I'd avoid

Polaris 1200?-- Never rode one can't comment, but they don't make them anymore and not all shops work on them.

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I read that the GP1200/R was heavy which is making my decision tougher.
Initially I wanted an ultra 150 and do some things to make it handle better but they are hard to find it seems, which is why I'm looking for other options.

I did some reading on the stx12/15 but I don't see how a 3 seater could be more fun than a 2 seater.
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