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I have a 2006 GTI with a bit of a problem.

It has an extended warranty good thru next August.

I took it out for the first time in early May this year and it ran like crap, with no warning or degradation of performance previously. Wintered with a full tank and Stabil as always. Couldn't get over 40 MPH, usually tops out at 53.

From the symptoms I suspected too much oil though I have always followed procedure. Plugs were fine in appearence.

Had 96 hours on it so I had the 100 hour service done, new battery, plugs, all counters reset, no error codes. Ran better, full power and speed at top end, but has had intermittent rough running at low end. No excessive smoking of any kind. Gas is good and fresh, mid-grade.

Took it back in to the dealer at 96.00 diagnosis and the only things they found were loose plugs and "too much oil." The tech told me how to level and check the oil, with a slightly different procedure than either the shop manual or the owners manual that I had used, although all three yield the same measure on the dipstick. The measurement on the dipstick as cited by the tech is at the low end of normal, as normal is defined in the manual and indentation on the stick.

Have had it out three times since then, and this last time it ran great at full power but stumbled and surged rather badly from 5-6k rpm, past that was fine, full power and very sweet over 6000 rpm. This happened after 2 hours of running, not before.

Now I know the oil levels are critical, and overfilling just a little makes the crankcase plumbing fart the fumes back into the intake, causing rough running. But damn, I have never even heard of a dipstick being mismarked to that extent.

I will take it back to the dealer as much as necessary, so that I have a record of an existing condition in case they try to delay me until the warranty expires. But is there anything I can do to regarding aftermarket injector cleaning additives? It would be a simple fix.

Perhaps the fuel pump is bad, I understand that sometimes, if bad, the pressure drops off when warm.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a shop manual and am reasonably handy.
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