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Xl 800


I am in the rental business. I rented the 2001 XL 800s from 2001 till the end of 2004. We put almost 600 hrs on each machine without a glich. Those machines unless you do something wrong are the stoutest most reliable two strokes on the planet. We had 12 of them and one blew up due to renter error. Gas in the oil tank DUH!!!

Those machines do reqiure Yamalibe because of the semisynthetic compound and the dtergents that keep your powervalves clean.

In 2004 we got the xlt 800s which are the same engines and in 06 we switched to four strokes because of customer demand.

The price is high because after july 4 all watercraft values go down. But in spring it will be back up so take advantage of the situation and offer him a fair 4000-4200 cash quick like. it is like an auction, go with cash and tell him the book says and offer him the little bit more than the book.

you also have to go back to the book cause you are off on value. Go to nada, add cover,trailer,stainless impeller, and 500 mint condition if it is.

4500 max you will love the machine I gaurantee it. Great for baby to grandma! I still own one.:thumbsup::thumbsup::appl:
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